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The Thin Red Line


It has taken me a while to find the right inspiration to post this article. I registered this blog some time ago and until now I did not find what it is I wanted to post about.

The title of the blog ‘England Reborn’ should make clear what my general intentions are of this blog and why I started it. England, indeed the whole of the white world finds itself controlled by people whose interests are not ours, our streets are burned by foreigners angry at the same saboteurs who let them in here and worst of all the resistance from our own people is minimal, disgracefully absent almost.

Listening to the song ‘Thin Red Line’ by Saxon put the inspiration in my mind to write this. The song sings about the men who stood at Rourke’s drift, mostly Englishmen, all British who stood against thousands of brave and honour-worthy Zulu soldiers. It sings of men who stood ‘to fight and to die, in the thin red line’ and the imagery of this caught my mind.

How many of our men, young and old will stand in the thin red lines when our fate becomes decided by blows struck and guts mustered?
So many of the older men, ex-army, white collar, retired working class types, have all but written off our young men. They look to their young times and see hard, gritty, un-pc, manly men, unafraid of work and proud of their nation. To the older generation they see only decline and understandably so. Virtually everything that once was has gone, our industry, our military prowess, our empire, our pride.

But I know today’s young English men and I see more good than most. The older bloke may see a load of rowdies, drinking and causing nuisance and i see that too but I also see young men desperate for their place in a world that has signed their death warrants.

I see young men training their muscles in gyms, I see patriotic youths rampaging without leadership, I see young men sat in their homes feeling they have no lot in life, no place in the hearth of their people even. The kind of man this creates is a hungry man, desperate to prove himself, whether he is the fitness buff training his body all day and punishing it at night in the arms of his best mates or the lonely nerd eager for the acceptance of his folk.

When the time comes that these young men, and only a small amount of whom are lost to PC cissyness, you must know, have to prove themselves, that day will be the day that the world see it’s new heroes. These young men, whom have been written off to low paid work and unemployment, to scorn by the media in favour of the young men of other peoples and to a slow and depressing death, will stand in those thin red lines in defence of their folk, just as their great-great granddads did in times gone and as our ancient ancestors stood, shields locked in the face of foreign aggression and the threat to their way of life.

England may now be browbeaten by cultural Marxism, by feminism and by being bound to a Soviet Union of Europe but it will not always be so. Our young men have all the hardness and the patriotism of those gone, they just have to keep it under the surface, and when it comes to air, it will be all the more fiery and rampant.

I will post more articles on the state of things as the weeks progress but for now, and I doff my hat to their lyrical and musical genius, I leave you with this link, to Saxon and just one of their many, many brilliant songs, Thin Red Line:

True English metal, the snakes in Westminster will know of another kind made from the same English guts and determination very shortly.

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